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Inspired by new experiences and new encounters, Paid Leave is a curated collection of interests and inspirations for today’s travelers.



Our fourth issue provides an in-depth look at how travel can help us to foster deeper connections. To start, we look at Wanted: Genuine Connection to discover how people connect with the places they travel. This issue also brings back a few regular series—Creative Workbook, Local Time, and Principles of Modern Travel—so you can learn from the best practices of others. And finally, in Connecting Flights, we share top destinations for a stopover.

Principles of Modern Travel: Aaron Smith

Wanted: Genuine Connection

People travel for similar reasons: to find unfamiliar rhythms, to wander through historic buildings or down busy streets in search of something new. But no two people do this the same way. Some travelers flow through attractions and guidebook recommendations, covering as much ground as possible and, in an effort to immerse themselves, find refuge […]

Creative Workbook: 10 Questions to Reconnect with What Matters

There’s a particular irony that surrounds us today: often, the more time we spend on so-called connection-based platforms, the less connected to friends, family, and ourselves we feel. With various studies and trends showing how excessive usage of social media can negatively affect our self-esteem, self worth, and overall outlook, it seems apt to find […]

Connecting Flights: The Best Places to Add a Stopover

Frequent travelers have their voyage down to an artform—they pack light; download their airline’s app; have a pen on-hand for customs forms; avoid tear-jerking films on crowded flights. And often, this travel-savvy informs how they book their trip in the first place. They know the best connected airports and stopover flights to extend their travels, […]

Local Time: Austin

When you’re traveling, time isn’t always a luxury you can afford. But two minutes might be all you need to take in that historic landmark. In 20 minutes, you can have lunch at that famous café. In 120 minutes, you can tour that iconic gallery. By shifting your sense of time, you can manage it, […]