Playlist: Clearing Customs

Our senses are what enhance our memories of a city—and help us recall these moments once we have returned home. The smell of sand and sea may instantly transport you back to a beach in Portugal, the sound of honking horns and indistinct chatter may remind you of a busy New York street. Traveling is a multisensory experience—that’s why we created Lojel Playlists.

Lojel - Playlist: Clearing Customs - De Repente

photo by De Repente

Lojel - Playlist: Clearing Customs - Leonard von Bibra

photo by Leonard von Bibra / @leonardvonbibra

Our latest curation is an homage to the unique people and places we discover on our journeys. Immerse yourself in this globally inspired mix of soulful synths, eclectic rock, modern funk, and indie-electronica during your summer travels—and consider how different sounds and rhythms can enrich your understanding and appreciation of the cultures you encounter along the way.

Lojel - Playlist: Clearing Customs - Hassan Bashiri

photo by Hassan Bashiri / @hassanbashiri

Lojel - Playlist: Clearing Customs - credit

photo by Annie Spratt / @anniespratt


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Written by Joel Sojonky