Pacific Hiatus

More than half of the human race lives in major urban areas.

The vibrance, diversity, and access to culture that Urban Life provides holds an irresistible allure. Still, there is a deep-rooted need to refresh and escape our urban dwellings; to revisit where geography meets landscape — and foster mindful growth through discovery by reconnecting with the natural world.

The Pacific Northwest is home to an array of rich forestry nested in mountainous coastline with distinct biodiversity and impressive views. A day trip away from Vancouver, Tofino sits on the western coast of Vancouver Island. With an ancient rainforest to the south, a collection of surf spots to the west, and a contagious coastal vibe, it was the perfect spot for a weekend getaway.

Getting Away


Transit as a Destination

The ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Duke Point in Nanaimo offers a captivating view; contrasting the impressive urban skyline with the towering mountains that line the Strait of Georgia channel. About 20 minutes North of Nanaimo, the Pacific Rim Highway funneled us through a winding series of rustic roads. Fit with countless pockets of breathtaking scenery, the journey had us fully immersed in the landscape as we powered forward to Tofino.

Enduring Greenery

An Ancient Rainforest: Just south of Tofino is a must-see trail that peers into one of the treasures of the Pacific NW: the temperate rainforest. The path is lined with a wooden deck walkway, which guides visitors through the lush forest while protecting the understory of mosses, ferns, and shrubs that thrive below. The soft light that enters through the canopy delicately illuminates the forest floor with a peaceful aura — the ideal space for self reflection.

Coasting 49°7'17.238''N 125°53'50.3556''W

With the Current

Perhaps best known for its 25 plus miles of surfable coastline, we had to embrace Tofino’s rich, year-round surf culture. At the advice from locals manning Storm Surf Shop in town, we split our time between Chesterman Beach and Mackenzie Beach; soaking up the Tofino coastline from the sea.

Moving inland, Tofino is full of rustic trails that surface at breathtaking viewpoints. For a closer look at the native Nuu-chah-nulth culture, we recommend taking the Nuu-chah-nulth Trail to Florencia Bay. Catch the Schooner Cove Trail for an immersive coastal experience.

Bon Vivant

The Local Scene

With its own brewery and award winning eateries, Tofino is rustic isolation with thriving culture. Rhino Coffee’s locally hand roasted dark roast and all-day breakfast menu is a must for a morning stop. We grabbed breakfast to go and soaked up the morning watching the seaplanes at Pacific Terminus Pier.

For lunch and dinner, RedCan Gourmet added a local twist on the classics, while Wolf in the Fog had us drooling over upscale foodie-friendly eats. Moving closer to happy hour, Tofino Brewing Co. offers locally brewed beers and ciders — perfect for grabbing a couple of growlers to-go on the way to the beach.

Exploring the streets of Tofino, you’ll also discover a series of surf and unique boutique shops with considerately curated and locally made finds. Checkout Merge in town for a solid selection of art, essentials, and vintage clothing.

Carpe Diem

Seizing the Day

We spent our last night aside the Tofino sunset with a bonfire at Pettinger Point. The cool seabreeze drifted over the flames while the crashing waves served as a peaceful backdrop to good conversation.

Between our exchanges, we shared pockets of silence embracing the coastal ambiance and sounds of Tofino. Connecting on reconnecting, and walking away refreshed and renewed to tackle the coming Monday with a calmness and a fresh perspective.

Travel as a reset button. The weekend getaway. The urban escape.

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