Niru – 3-Way Tote

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3-way Carry

Interior Zipper Pocket

100% Recycled Nylon

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Put together a set of Niru bags in matching or multiple colors.

A carryall you can wear. This versatile tote is ideal for large and irregularly shaped items that don’t fit in most bags and is great for errands and spontaneous shopping. Its unique 3-way carry lets you wear the tote over the shoulder or crossbody, allowing hands-free movement.

  • Collection: Niru
  • Material: Recycled Crinkle Nylon Fabric (C6 DWR), 100% Metal (Aluminum and Steel) Components, Full-grain leather
  • Dimensions: 23.2×13.8×5.5in, 59x35x14cm
  • Strap Length: 26-49.5in, 66-126cm
  • Weight: 0.55lbs, 250g
  • Capacity: 15L
  • Warranty: 2-Year Warranty

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We offer a 2-year limited global warranty on all Niru bags.

Situations where the bags warranty doesn’t apply:
• If the receipt, invoice, or digital order confirmation is lost, defaced, or illegible
• If unauthorized modifications and repairs have been made
• If the product has been used in conditions outside of its intended purpose

The warranty does not cover damage from:
• Improper care or misuse
• Excessive sun exposure
• The use of inappropriate cleaning products
• Normal wear and tear:
– Exposure to extreme temperatures, acids, solvents, or moisture
– Fabric abrasion
– Rips, tears, or cuts
– Melted zippers or fabric
– Stains (grease, oil, dirt, ink, etc.)

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  • Load large items in the main compartment and smaller items in the interior zipper pocket for easy access.
  • Adjust the strap to a desired length to wear over the shoulder or crossbody.
  • For compact storage, lay the empty bag flat on an even surface. Fold the bottom end of the bag to the base of the handles. Fold the bag a second time and roll the handles over each side.


  • Dampen a microfiber cloth using water mixed with mild detergent or soap (do not use chlorine or bleach).
  • Wipe the nylon surface while avoiding any metal components.
  • Dry the surface with a towel.
  • Spray waterproof coating (e.g., Nikwax) on the fabric surface.
  • Place a cedar ball into the bag to reduce odors and moisture.

The Niru collection is crafted with 100% recycled Crinkle nylon, a fabric produced from pre-consumer industrial waste. In many manufacturing processes, large sums of excess material often go unrecycled due to cost or inconvenience. Using pre-consumer recycled fabric addresses this concern, reducing our consumption of non-renewable virgin materials and the amount of post-industrial waste we generate ourselves.

The simple shapes in each bag’s design require fewer fabric panels, minimizing material discarded from cutting and sewing and eliminating waste at the source. The bags also feature other premium material choices—vegetable-tanned leather accents and 100% metal components (aluminum and steel), including straight zippers that extend the life of your purchase.

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