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What ways can I contact LOJEL customer service?

The best way to reach out to us for product service, LOJEL orders, and product/store info is through our contact form.

Once you reach out, we should get back to you within 24-48 hours. Please note our service team takes a much deserved break on the weekends, so this may affect response times on weekends.

I am press looking for a PR contact, who should I contact?

We’re excited to hear from you. Please reach out with your name, entity, contact information, and topic of interest on the correct Corporate / Partnerships Contact form at

I am an artist, designer, blogger, or media personality interested in collaborating with LOJEL, who should I contact?

Great! We’re always looking for like minded partners who can bring more life to the LOJEL narrative. Give us a shout via “Press” on our contact form and include links your channels, media kit, and a brief description of how you’d like to partner.

I’m interested in distributing LOJEL, who should I contact?

LOJEL is always looking for great partners to help cater to our international customer base. If you think you’d be a great partner, you can contact us by filling out our Corporate / Partnerships contact form and including a brief description about your operation and why you think LOJEL would be a good fit.

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