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What are the benefits of registering my luggage?

Customers who register their LOJEL luggage unlock the full potential of their LOJEL experience. Those who register enjoy worry-free ownership, priority support, quick access to our global service network, authenticity verification, and exclusive access to premium content.

How do I register my luggage?

Registering your LOJEL luggage is simple and easy. Plus, it allows you to take full advantage of all the benefits LOJEL has to offer. Just go to our registration page and include your Unique Serial ID, name & contact information, and a photo of your receipt, invoice, or digital order confirmation and we’ll review it and send you a confirmation email once it’s verified.

If you don’t have a Unique Serial ID, go here.

Do I have to register my luggage?

Nope, you do not need to register your LOJEL in order for your warranty to be valid. However, this means that you’ll need your receipt should you ever need to file a warranty claim later on. Plus, you’ll miss out on the other benefits of registration. So we strongly recommend you register.

Learn more about the benefits at our registration page.

I didn't receive a confirmation email for my registration, what should I do?

This could be because you uploaded a photo of something other than your receipt, invoice, or digital order confirmation; your registration wasn’t successfully submitted; the email provided with the registration was incorrect; or because we have not reviewed and verified the registration.

You can try and resubmit your registration, but if it says it the Unique Serial ID has already been submitted and you still want to check the status, contact us here.

My luggage doesn't have a Unique Serial ID, how do I register?

No worries! If you purchased a globally released collection, you’re still covered by our 10-year warranty. The only difference would be how you would file a warranty claim. To learn more about your warranty without a Unique Serial ID, visit this page.

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