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How do you design your products?

As travelers, we design each of our products to solve unique problems we’ve experienced on the road. As designers, we’re always seeking simpler, more intelligent solutions. The result: considered essentials that help you get more out of your trip.

We make our luggage, bags, and accessories in-house—so we know exactly what goes into everyone. We use only the highest-grade materials, optimized for toughness and durability. And we run a battery of real-life tests to ensure our products are ready for anything.

What kind of products does LOJEL offer?

While our roots are in luggage, our mission to enrich the journeys of our travelers through our creations doesn’t stop there. Today, we offer luggage, bags, and accessories. Each engineered to be a top-tier companion that solves real problems for our travelers.

Discover our creations via the links below:

Which LOJEL luggage is the right fit for me?

Great question. What kind of traveler are you?

Are you the kind of traveler that values always having space for the things you bring back home? Is security a priority for your things when you’re on the road? Our two feature collections, Voja and Cubo, both balance security and convenience based on which travel style you most value.

Explore them here:

How much can each of LOJEL's 3 luggage sizes pack?

We’ve been around luggage long enough to know that packing is very personal and unique to the individual traveler. But, if you’re curious about which size might be best for your next trip, we threw together this general overview size guideline for your reference! Check it out below.

SMALL (Long Weekend / 4-6 Outfits) – Sized for weekend getaways and short business trips.
MEDIUM (1 – 2 Weeks / 6-12 Outfits) – Big enough for weeklong trips or long weekends for two.
LARGE or FIT (30+ Days / Lots of Outfits) – Ample space for longer trips or long-distance moves.

Could you tell me more about LOJEL's Cubo and Voja collections?

CUBO – The space you need for everything you can’t live without. Our High Capacity category puts the emphasis on storage capacity with interiors that adapt to changing needs.

Take advantage of Cubo’s front-top opening, spacious interior and expandable frame. The carry-on even incorporates an exterior front laptop compartment with the front-top opening for an additional layer of convenient access.

VOJA – Innovative locking systems let you travel with confidence.

The Voja pairs considered design via a proprietary polypropylene blend with a convenient 3-point locking system for succinct security.”

Is LOJEL luggage TSA approved/compliant?

Yes. All LOJEL luggage features 100% TSA approved and ready locks, so you can secure your belongings with confidence.

How do I use my LOJEL luggage's TSA approved lock?

We’re happy you asked! We have a few different locks we use across all of our collections. You can find out how to open your LOJEL or set your combination lock to the code of your choice by checking out the instructions for your collection here.

If you’ve forgot your lock’s combination, or your lock does not seem to be open, no worries! We’re happy to help. You can contact our Customer Service team by filling out a contact form here.

Could you tell me a bit more about LOJEL's bags?

Our bags consider everything from daily needs to long hauls. Our bag collections are made from materials hand-picked for movement with considered interiors housed in a minimalist physique.

Our Urbo 2 collection comes in 4 different styles that pair strong denier with functional interiors designed for the everyday or the getaway. Our Slash collection features 2 change-up bags engineered to maximize mobility and adaptability.

See all bags here.

Could you tell me a bit more about LOJEL's accessories?

Our accessories are designed to enhance the small details between point A and point B we’ve learned are vital in our travel and daily life.

Whether it’s crafty organization, movement friendly solutions, versatile storage, in-transit relaxation, or internationally-engineered tech, our accessories are useful companions for modern journeys and daily commutes alike.

See all accessories here.

Could you tell me a bit more about LOJEL's Slash Series?

Our Slash Series is a multi-purpose collection that is designed to serve your changing needs.

Made with 100% recyclable Tyvek(R), this material is water-resistant, lightweight and easy to clean. Trusted for its durability and hygienic qualities, Tyvek(R) is used in the creation of medical PPE and skyscrapers.

Connecting where travel meets daily life and material meets movement.

Discover the Slash Series here.

I can't find the collection I'm looking for, what should I do?

If you can’t find the collection you’re looking for on, there’s a good chance it’s discontinued. However, if you’ve just gotta-have-it, we encourage you to reach out to our customer service team to see if we can help you find the collection you’re looking for.

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