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I need a repair, what should I do?

We’re here to help! Your best bet for a fast and personalized solution is to contact us with all of the details of the repair.

Our easy to navigate Repair Form makes it providing all the info needed super easy. Place a repair request here.

Are repairs covered under warranty?

If the part or damage is determined to be a result of manufacturing defects in materials and craftsmanship, and a repair technician is necessary, the replacement part and repair will be covered by LOJEL.

In cases where the repair request is a result of normal wear and tear or airline mishandling; the original purchase receipt cannot be produced; the luggage is out of warranty; or if the product must be shipped for repair, there may be shipping, handling, or repair costs associated with the repair.

Please note that global support service may be subject to the processing/handling fees of the region where you are residing/traveling.

Can LOJEL provide repair service if I'm still traveling?

If you experience an issue with your LOJEL while traveling, we’ll do everything we can to service you wherever you are. Our Global Service Network allows us to get you personalized assistance in most corners of the world.

We’ll either connect you with our local distributor/repair center in the region where you are traveling or help locate repair centers when necessary.

Please note that global support service may be subject to the processing/handling fees of the region where you are traveling.

What if my product is not able to be repaired?

If your LOJEL is still under warranty and the damage to your LOJEL luggage is determined to be a result of a defect in materials and craftsmanship, or if we cannot provide the necessary replacement part, we will replace it with either an identical replacement or a comparable LOJEL luggage in generation and value if the original is no longer available at our discretion.

How can I find a repair center near me?

Connect with your local LOJEL service team with the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll point you in the right direction by filling out a repair form here.

How can I get a replacement part?

Contact us and follow the repair form prompts to let us know exactly what issue you’re experiencing with your luggage.

We’ll determine the part availability, if the request is under warranty, and, if the part is available, we will provide you with either a quote for the parts/shipping or the details of the pick-up location depending on your region.

If you are requesting a replacement part for a repair covered under warranty, the part will be covered by LOJEL. Shipping/handling fees may be the subject to the location of the replacement part needed and the region of the customer.

Can I still receive repair service if my product is out of warranty?

Absolutely. If we still have the parts on hand or can connect you with a repair center that can help get your LOJEL luggage back to 100%, we’ll do everything we can to help you service it. You’ll just need to pay the costs associated with your repair. Contact us and we’ll see how we can help.

My luggage was damaged at baggage claim. What should I do?

Damage to your LOJEL as a result of rough handling/misuse by an Airline handler is not covered under warranty.

In cases where the damage occurred during transport, contact the airline or travel provider right when you arrive at your destination, or as soon as possible after. Airlines are responsible for damage to your luggage but many have a limited 24 hour claim window. Taking action while you’re still at the airport gives you the best chance of having your damage claim resolved.

If you were not happy with the resolution provided by the Airline, contact us with more information about the outcome of the claim and we’ll see how we can help.

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