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What is LOJEL's warranty policy?

We offer a 10-year Limited Global Warranty on all collections released to the global market. To learn more about our warranty policy, visit our warranty page

How do I file a warranty claim?

If you’ve registered your LOJEL luggage (all LOJEL luggages purchased on US.LOJEL.COM were registered at the point of purchase), all you need to file a warranty claim is your Unique Serial ID and a photo that clearly shows us the issue you’re experiencing. Then, just submit it on our contact page. If your LOJEL luggage was not purchased on US.LOJEL.COM and you have not registered your Unique Serial ID, you’ll need to provide a copy of your receipt, invoice, or digital order confirmation to claim your warranty.

Please note that all LOJEL luggage made before April 2018 does not have a Unique Serial ID. For more information on filing a claim without a Unique Serial ID, visit our pre-USID page.

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