At Lojel we make travel goods to last—and a little maintenance after long journeys helps to increase that longevity. Here’s how:


1. Clean the outside

• Brush off dust or dirt.
• Wipe shell and components with warm water and mild soap OR isopropyl alcohol.
• Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

⇾ Makrolon® Polycarbonate Compatible Cleaners:
• Top Job, Joy®
• Palmolive Liquid®
• Windex® Ammonia free

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2. Clean the inside

• Vacuum thoroughly.
• Spray with odor reducer.
• Leave to dry out completely.
• Place charcoal pouches, or fragrant unused soap bars inside. This absorbs moisture and odors and leaves your case smelling fresh for the next journey.

3. Store your Lojel

• Ensure that your case is completely dry both inside and out.
• Protect it with the Lojel dust bag
• Place in a cool, dry location (no humidity, no exposure to direct sunlight)
• When storing high up, lay your case on its largest surface, ensuring that it’s stable.
• If storing a smaller case inside a larger case, make sure the smaller case is wrapped with the Lojel dust bag or a plastic bag.