We are a global collective of travelers, thirty plus years in the making.

In today’s interconnected world, we are all travelers. We are all seeking experiences and moments that matter—to enrich our busy lives and keep us connected to the vast world we’re journeying through together.

Our journey began in Japan in 1989. Driven by an everyday explorer’s mindset, we formed a global collective of world travelers, manufacturers and designers to create the best luggage and bags possible. Today, Lojel’s offices span the globe—headquartered in the metropolitan hub of Hong Kong, with a creative design team in Vancouver, Canada—plus a team of expert product designers in Japan. Our multinational perspective and love for the journey has set us apart since day one. For the past three decades, we have exclusively partnered with an ethical manufacturer whose factories are widely accredited and certified non- toxic. Lojel is now sold in over 15 countries across five continents.

Inspired by real journeys

As travelers, we’ve faced the challenges of life on the road—business trips
extend into personal explorations of new places and the world suddenly feels smaller than ever before. As designers, we’re always seeking simpler, more intelligent solutions. The result: highly considered design that helps you get more from your journey. Our goal is to help define premium essentials for today’s modern traveler—so you never miss an opportunity to experience connection with the world.

Designed with high standards

We are committed to working with the best the world has to offer, which is why 30 years ago we chose to partner with a highly-certified manufacturer. Today, the same partner’s factories in China and Indonesia still diligently maintain ethical standards and are pioneers of high-quality production and manufacturing processes. Over the course of three decades of rigorous real-life testing, we’ve worked with the most durable materials available, and have introduced technology like custom closure systems and smooth-rolling, silent wheels. We believe in innovation that makes sense, and makes a difference in your journey.

LOJEL — Let Our Journeys Enrich Life