There are many reasons for this. To start, there’s our ethos: Let Our Journeys Enrich Life. For us, this means experiences and people shape us—not things.
As we increase our efforts to bring more attention to conscious consumerism and sustainability, it doesn’t make sense for us to join Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Events like these that compel purchases on the basis of limited-time promos, rather than quality and necessity, represent the polar opposite of our philosophy.


Good Deals vs Good Investments

While the holidays are about connecting with people we care about, it’s also a time when we can feel a lot of pressure to purchase gifts we normally wouldn’t.
As consumers, we should feel good about our purchases. This often isn’t the case when we’re spurred by deals to rush out and buy anything at a discount. That’s why we strive to create products that last a long time in both form and function.


Fair Pricing

Our brand is dedicated to transparency and fair pricing. Our D2C model allows us to invest more in making better products. With every LOJEL you purchase, you pay for quality—not an artificial price.
On the other hand, we offer year-round bundles and sets that let you save when you buy more. That means you get to have matching luggage or an assortment of bags and accessories at a better price.

Real cost = Materials + Labor + Transport + Duties + Warehousing



Future-Forward Design

LOJEL is proud of how we’ve pushed our products’ functional life using a Design for Repair approach. We want you to feel confident and empowered, knowing that your carry essentials will stand the test of time.
But we aren’t stopping here. Our team is deeply invested in research and development to push our commitment to sustainability even further, with new collections made with recycled materials, home-compostable packaging, and more.




Let Our Journeys Enrich Life