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Creative Workbook: Culture

To fully appreciate the different customs, traditions, and heritage you’ll discover on your journey, take some time between stops to consider the impact that culture has had in your own life. To help you contemplate this at 30,000 feet, we’ve developed a list of questions that encourage you to take stock of your destinations—past, present, and future—and think about how they’ve shaped you.

Local Time: Los Angeles

When you’re traveling, time isn’t always a luxury you can afford. You can add more time onto a business trip, or extend a layover—but inevitably, there will be occasions when you find yourself in a new city and you only have a limited window to take it all in. Consider shifting your sense of time so that you can manage it, maximize it, and have a two-day journey that’s as full as it is fulfilling. Read more for our most recent trip to LA.

How to Choose Your Travel Essentials

People travel in the pursuit of new experiences. We seek to explore beyond our own horizons—both literally and metaphorically—to discover new places and perspectives, ideas and inspirations. But of course, we always bring a few familiar things along with us for the journey; read more to discover what we always pack as our essentials.

Shared Perspective: An Ode to Documenting New York City

In the shadow of the towering glass and concrete skyline of New York City is the constant hum of its people. The back-and-forth bustle of daily life, the clamor of commerce in action, the hushed tones of the traveler marveling at the enormity of it all. Read more to explore the most raw and honest depictions of the day-to-day of a New Yorker by photograph.

Plane Truth: Volume 1

Traveling for business and leisure is increasingly common, yet balancing work and play can be a challenge. It shouldn’t be. We believe that every journey has huge potential to be enriching and empowering and we’re committed to helping you uncover that potential. Read more to discover how you can create the most productive, engaging, and meaningful travel experiences, with answers to some of travels most common work related questions.

The Modern Travel Manifesto: Introducing Paid Leave

The idea of “paid leave” is well-established in today’s work culture; you could even say it’s essential. We step away from our work once in a while and take time for friends and family, for healing and wellness, or for escape and exploration— Read all about our favorite kind of paid leave.

Paid Leave