Re-awakening perception

We, humans, are creative, resilient and adaptable. As the world keeps changing so too is an almost constant reinvention of our reality.

What we once knew as our places of work have transformed into work-anyplace. What we once knew as the delight of travel, we now know as a privilege to do so. How we used to connect, celebrate or grieve with our loved ones, has transformed some of these relationships entirely. In distance, we find new intimacy. In ourselves, we find a rich tapestry that forms a new way of being. We are re-awakening our perceptions of what we thought we knew and opening up to a world of possibilities.

Blurred Boundaries

Awakening to new possibilities requires curiosity and a willingness to let go. A world we once interpreted as black and white may begin to reveal many shades in between. No longer are we beholden to predetermined social norms. We are set free to explore the boundlessness of our careers, passions and communities.

Like an oblique stoke, or more simply ‘slash’, we can frame our lives the way we want. Engineer / Gardener. Bus Driver / Pianist. Bartender / Wilderness Guide. Designer / Activist. The question is no longer, can you? But, will you? Will you embrace the multi-dimensional passions that swirl around your imagination? Perhaps at first, it seems too complicated. And yet we only have this one life, so is the complexity simply the limitations we struggle with within our own minds? Our identities, our cultures, our genders are all expanding to new heights. Our lives are growing more multidimensional and chartering new paths.

Symbol of our Times

Our lives are layered and as we learn and grow we define what becomes our new normal. The ‘slash’ is arguably a perfect symbol for expressing ourselves in this way. To mix and create, to choose and to explore. The journey, therefore, is found within our imagination. The world may for the time being have restrictions on our physical movement, but we have become the architects of exploring our internal boundaries in any way we choose. Now all that’s left is to play, to experiment and see where this will take you next.


Let Our Journeys Enrich Life